Frequently Asked Questions


What is the wait time for shed installations and shed kit delivery?

The average wait time for shed installations is 3-4 weeks due to the manufacturing process and ETA on materials ordered.

Can the shed kit be delivered directly to my backyard?

Shed kits are only delivered on driveways only. Shed kits delivered to backyard are part of the installation charge. We require that a customer’s driveway be completely clear on the date of their shed kit delivery.

Is there a delivery charge?

Shed kit delivery is free within 50kms. Locations outside of 50kms are quoted.

Can I pick up a kit from the Shedman location?

No, shed kits are built to order and not available for pick up at our showroom. However, Shedman does offer kit delivery.

Does weather affect my build date?

Shedman is prohibited by labour laws to install sheds in bad weather. Any installations that are postponed due to the weather will be scheduled into the following business day. Installations for the following day can be affected.

Will Shedman install a shed kit I purchased from another company?

No, Shedman only installs Shedman made sheds.

Does Shedman build all year?

Shedman installs and delivers shed kits all year round - weather permitting. Concrete is extremely time sensitive and weather permitting.

Does Shedman use subcontractors?

No, all Shedman products are installed by Shedman employee's.

Shed Location/Base Preperation:

How far away from the fence does the shed need to be?

Generally, sheds can be placed wherever the customers would like. However, keep in mind that there are bylaws, setbacks, and restrictions placed by certain municipal offices that can affect where you put your shed. For example, our three main issues are typically distance from the property line/fence line, height restrictions, and sheds between houses. We always encourage a customer to clarify with their bylaw department to find out the setbacks for their property. Our crew also requires a minimum 18" space around the shed for installation.

Does Shedman do ground work/landscaping prior to installation?

Shedman does not prep the ground/landscape prior to kit installations. We ask that our customer prep their ground/landscape prior to our crew's arrival (with the exception of the purchase of a concrete pad or gravel base).

What if my ground is unlevel?

Shedman will always make sure that the shed is level. We will use pressure treated shims to level out the shed, but it is recommended that the customer prepare their ground as level as possible prior to shed installation.

Does shedman do checksites?

Shedman does do checksites for a charge of $75 + HST (delivery charges are required for locations outside 50kms). The cost of the Checksite is subtracted off the total if the customer decides to purchase a shed.

Shed Construction:

What brand of shingles/vinyl does Shedman use?

Shedman uses IKO 3 Tab Design shingles and Kaycan Timberlake line for vinyl.

Are the sheds prefabricated?

Yes, Shedman prefabricates sheds to order.

Can I make changes once I have placed my order?

Alterations cannot be made once an order is placed. Once an invoice is completed a work order is completed and is passed along to our manufacturing crew and the shed is prefabricated to order. In the event that the customer requires a change to be done a new invoice will need to be completed and the original deposit is forfeited.


Does Shedman require a deposit?

Shedman requires a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure a build/delivery date. We accept credit, debit, cash, and checks.

When is the final payment on my shed due?

The final payment on sheds is due on the day of the shed kit installation/delivery.


How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

The Shedman warranty is 2 years and is on workmanship. Customers are required to complete the necessary maintenance on their shed to be covered under warranty.